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So... I didn't expect or plan on going down the rabbit hole of "learn how to be a professional wrestler" youtube videos this evening... but some of this is just general well delivered professional and life advice

Topics available on the original / post I found the channel in:

I’d never seen the :empathy: symbol before joining / slack, and found it something I wish more platforms had…

… then I remembered I’m now my own admin and can easily add emojos… this may get me into trouble…

COVID-19, distributed computing, reuse for older mobile devices 

If you have any unused phones or tablets that are collecting dust and wish they could run something like / :

tl;dr - app developed by Vodaphone available via App Store or Google Play uses idle/charging mobile devices to perform data set analysis for / / research

iOS & iPadOS 13.1+:

Android 6.0+:

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An old photo worth revisiting. Cold winter twilight is my favorite time.
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Even under the clouds and through the rocks, the world keeps moving and life keeps growing

#beach #plant #clouds #sand #shells
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open source entitlement meta, covid 

'developers will have more time to work now' is a fascinatingly toxic take

I've seen it a few times now and the last one extremely pissed me off.

Especially in the larger projects, we're hobbyists, not all in tech, not all able to stay home.

There are healthcare workers in the projects you love, and peers who are worried for them. There are people looking after the ill at home.

Collaborative work needs all its members to thrive. Don't poke them with sticks.

One of these days I hope be see my favorite robots coordinate their posts so my timeline has a little panorama:


Each in order, on top of one another

Accessible parts of the island: Weeded
Fruit: Picked
Neighbors: Socialized
Fish: Fished
Bugs: Caught
Moving expenses: Paid

I think this has been the most densely packed start I’ve done yet. Which I’m ok with because geeze is it late…

Covid-19, songs about the apocalypse, #WashYourLyrics 

I was very proud of the I made earlier with Turn Down For What by DJ Snake and Lil Jon, but I think the fediverse knows what the true handwashing song is…

My federated timeline has gotten so much more interesting since moving to a smaller (personal) instance. Thank you all for boosting & helping my instance (and me) meet all your cool friends

Not sending a slack message to a coworker because you can’t find the appropriate gif to accompany

My brain feels like how flickering flourescent or LED lights look 😔

“Therefore, I will not consider other USB-C charger CPUs as candidates for taking me to the moon.” is not a sentence I expected to read this evening

news notifications continue to read better if you ignore the comma in between the two stories

It’s been a while since I listened to , but I’d like to nominate as “The best album of the last decade for people who listen to podcasts at 3.5x speed”

[Note: This post is calling myself out. I sincerely and unironically am enjoying this album immensely]

I just won a round of without picking up a weapon or eliminating anyone…

(Technically the last person was running away from my melee attacks and ran into the storm, which did the final damage)

Played a lot of today (

The fediverse has rubbed off on me in unexpected ways: the 🍍 footprint-trail cosmetic was the first thing I unlocked

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