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@djsundog Caveat: I am neither a Spotify user, nor was I a big user, but this seems to be in the same ballpark:

Accessible parts of the island: Weeded
Fruit: Picked
Neighbors: Socialized
Fish: Fished
Bugs: Caught
Moving expenses: Paid

I think this has been the most densely packed start I’ve done yet. Which I’m ok with because geeze is it late…

crisis support, subtooting none of y'all 

@djsundog Hackers Bot is subtooting your post pretty hard

@randomgeek The bottom of @phildini 's is dedicated to Events, though it doesn’t look like it has consistent terminology for state (I see both “Virtual” and “Online” for different events)

Covid-19, songs about the apocalypse, #WashYourLyrics 

@erinbee Why are the final panels always *so good*?!

I was very proud of the I made earlier with Turn Down For What by DJ Snake and Lil Jon, but I think the fediverse knows what the true handwashing song is…

re: uspol, mike b 

@mwlucas @annika I love it when my timeline converges like this…

Re: uspol, predictions 

@annika … because they could be charged with election interference/electioneering if they didn’t. If that weren’t a concern they would probably call it earlier. The race to be first to break the news and all that 😩

My federated timeline has gotten so much more interesting since moving to a smaller (personal) instance. Thank you all for boosting & helping my instance (and me) meet all your cool friends @mwlucas I’ve been a big fan of 😒 for this use in my life

Not sending a slack message to a coworker because you can’t find the appropriate gif to accompany

My brain feels like how flickering flourescent or LED lights look 😔

Unsolicited detailed opinion 

@teslas_moustache I'm sure actual writing/style guides have better definitions, and I only mean to represent how I personally read them. For example:

"I *really* want to go to the theme park" to me reads as emphatic and excited (read as capital letters)

"I /really/ want to go to the theme park" to me reads as either sarcastic or alternatively pleading (drawn "e~a" sound in the first syllable)

Unsolicited detailed opinion 

@teslas_moustache I’ve generally felt like both are appropriate, but in different ways. This is how my brain interprets them as I read:

*asterisks* = bold = emphasis on the word, often read as capitals ("I do *not* want to go into the cave!”)

/slashes/ = italic = adding nuance to the word, similar to ~tilde~ ("The cave is a /little/ scary…")

_underscore_ = underline = Emphasis, but also finality, similar to !exclamation! ("... and that's _final_!")

“Therefore, I will not consider other USB-C charger CPUs as candidates for taking me to the moon.” is not a sentence I expected to read this evening

news notifications continue to read better if you ignore the comma in between the two stories

It’s been a while since I listened to , but I’d like to nominate as “The best album of the last decade for people who listen to podcasts at 3.5x speed”

[Note: This post is calling myself out. I sincerely and unironically am enjoying this album immensely]

I just won a round of without picking up a weapon or eliminating anyone…

(Technically the last person was running away from my melee attacks and ran into the storm, which did the final damage)

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