The first episode of Foundation was very good. I haven't read the books, so I can't really comment on the plot, but I'm hooked.

The visuals were gorgeous. The costumes and set design are incredibly. Lee Pace is good. He seems to play the emperor similar to his character on Halt and Catch Fire (at least, the one season of it I've seen). Also: Alexander Siddig!
I've watched the second episode and I am even more intrigued.

Lou Llobell, who plays Gaal, is really good. Especially considering this is like the second thing she's ever been in.

Foundation S01E03 

'twas good, particularly the first ~20 minutes with the brothers

not much actually happened for the remainder, but it was interesting nonetheless

also, the foundation's been there for like 30 years, and they're still arguing about what type of clock to save?

Foundation S01E03 

@shadowfacts I mean, first they had to pick out colors for the bike sheds…

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re: Foundation S01E03 

@brian it does take a long time to decide that things should be uniformly yellow-ish

i was going to take a screenshot but stupid drm says no >.>
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